Why Steel?

Not only does Steel offer a smoother more comfortable ride, but it acts like a spring, absorbing energy as it flexes and releasing it back out, giving the rider more drive on the track.

Contrary to popular belief Steel Bikes are not extremely heavy as both our frames weigh only 4.2 lbs.  Additionally, steel has a much longer life span than any of its counterparts.

Studies have shown that Steel can bend and flex without the risk of fatigue. Aluminum cannot withstand a lifetime of bending & flexing and has a shelf life. Ultimately Leading to a break down in stability creating the risk of a cracked frame.

Carbon fiber bikes (more fiber glass than carbon) have an even shorter lifespan. Not only do they not withstand a life of bending and flexing, which can cause internal splintering and ultimately frame failure, they are also "notch-sensitive" and if scored or damaged can accelerate frame failure.

So Why Steel:  Better power transfer, Smoother ride, light weight, longer life.

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